Here is everything I take with me on a wedding day!



– I like to pair each with a different lens to create more variety

-Produces dreamy photos

– Considered a medium telephoto lens

Shot with: 85 mm / 1.8

– I use this during the ceremony to capture close up shots from a distance

Shot with: Canon 70 – 200 mm / 2.8

– Amazing lens for couple portrait shots. This is a go to lens for wedding photographers

Shot With: 50 mm / 1.8

– Don’t use this a whole lot, but it does come in handy for shooting really wide group shots with a lot people

– One of my favorite lenses. Has a photojournalistic appeal and captures a lot of the environment. This is my most versatile lens and I use it for pretty much everything ranging from couple portraits to details to large group shots.

Shot With: Sigma 35 mm / 1.4
Shot With: Sigma 35 mm / 1.4
Shot With: Sigma 35 mm / 1.4

– I often attach my speedlights to my flash triggers to create an off-camera lighting setup

-Offers a source of constant lighting. I’ll often just place this on my camera or on a stand for some quick and easy additional light

-I’ll attach these to my speedlights to create softer, more natural looking light

-I like these!

  • AA Batteries

-I always carry extras on hand as I need them for my video lights and speedlights

-I love this bag, but only for shorter weddings/engagement sessions. It’s super cute, but sadly isn’t the most comfortable. However, it’s incredibly spacious and has a ton of great compartments inside.

-This is my go to bag for traveling. It holds all of your camera gear and your laptop/Ipad. I do find it to be pretty comfortable as well.

-This is my go-to camera bag for weddings. While it isn’t the cutest to look at, it’s SO comfortable on my shoulders. It is also very spacious and fits all my gear nicely. If you are shooting weddings over 6 hours, I’d definitely go with this bag.

  • Business Cards

-If I get a chance at a wedding, I’ll try to exchange information with the other vendors. This way I can tag them in blog posts, network, etc.

So, that covers it! That’s what I take with me on a wedding day!

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