This is Part 5 in the “Mastering Lightroom” series. In this video, I go over my secret weapon for editing my scenic shots – THE GRADUATED FILTER, also known as the gradient filter.

This tool is seriously underrated considering what it’s capable of.

Personally, I love using it to add lots of fun color to my photos. It’s great because it allows any adjustments you make to blend in really naturally. 

NOTE: If you missed videos 1, 2, 3, or 4 in this series, please make sure to watch those first as they serve as the foundation for everything you need to know about Lightroom! You can view those videos below.

Video 5: Editing Scenic Photos with this Handy Tool


Video 1 goes over how to cull & organize your photos in Lightroom. These tips are a real time saver!

Video 2 covers editing images in Lightroom. I go over how I personally edit my photos.



Video 3 goes over creating and using presets in Lightroom. Presets will cut your editing time in over half!


Video 4 goes over how to QUICKLY remove anything from a photo in Lightroom!



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