Looking to add some color to your walls? 


Try this DIY. It’s quick and simple…and the results are gorgeous!


Within less than 5 minutes, you can turn a frame into a vibrant work of art that looks just like stained glass. 


Here is the video on how to create it.

(written instructions are included below as well.)


Ranger Alcohol Inks

Rubbing Alcohol

Glass from a Frame



  1. Remove the glass from a photo frame.

  2. Drop the alcohol inks onto the glass ( feel free to get creative with this! I made swirls.)

  3. Add a bit of rubbing alcohol onto the glass and swirl it around so that it blends with the ink.

  4. Light the alcohol on fire.

As the ink and alcohol burn, beautiful designs are created. The design dries almost instantly.

Once the fire has burned out, back the glass with white paper and place it back into your frame! 

*Tip: Use 91% rubbing alcohol for best results! 


IMG_0261frame1 frame10IMG_0250 frame8IMG_0399 frame2IMG_0384


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