Hey Guys!


Lately, I’ve been using Lightroom to do about 90% of my editing. I find that it saves me TONS of time and It’s just so user friendly. With that said, I’m sharing all the ins and outs of Lightroom in this video series, including how I personally use it, my favorite features, and all my time-saving secrets!

Because this is a lot of information, I’ll be spreading it out over 3-5 videos. I’ll be nice and spare you from watching an hour long video all at once…….haha.

So with that said, below is PART 1! It goes over how I use Lightroom to quickly cull my images…this feature is one of the best time-saving tools of Lightroom and if you’re a beginner, I highly suggest watching this one as it lays down the foundation for the future, more complex videos! Enjoy!







Until next time,