I love Lightroom mainly because it saves me tons of time.

In the tutorial below, I go over how I personally edit my weddings in Lightroom. Here’s a breakdown of my process and what I’ll be covering in the video.

  1. 99% of the time I apply a preset onto one of the images and then make any necessary adjustments. I then sync those settings to all the other photos with similar lighting and tones. This saves me A TON of time. I have a ton of presets available HERE. 
  2. If you prefer to edit a photo manually, don’t worry, I cover how to do that in the video too.
  3. Because of the time involved with editing a photo from start to finish, I DO NOT recommend doing this for every individual photo as it will cost you a lot more time than necessary. With that said, I also go over how to create your very own preset. This way you can save the settings of the photo you edited from start to finish and apply those exact settings to all your other images. From that point, all you have to do is look over your edited photos and make any small tweaks that you’d like.



Hope you enjoyed this Lightroom tutorial!

Until next time,