Photoshop Editing Tutorial – Watch me edit!

In last week’s video, I went over how to combine multiple images in Photoshop to create a composite photo (image below). This week, I’m covering how I color edited the image from start to finish. I really wanted to make the sunset standout, so I used quite a few hue/saturation layers with layer masks to […]

How to Composite Photos in Photoshop – Part 1

In this tutorial, I’m covering how to composite photos in Photoshop. A composite photo is one photo created out of multiple images that are combined and blended together in Photoshop. The idea is to create an illusion – an image that looks like it was real and existed. Composites can be tricky, mainly because of […]

How I Get Airy, Pastel Film Images

Airy photos with soft, pastel colors. It’s easy to achieve this look when you’re shooting on film, but what if you prefer to shoot digital? What then?  I have good news. You CAN shoot in digital and STILL create airy photos.  How so? First things first… 1. Take note of your backdrops and colors  Creating images […]

How to Use Layer Masks in Photoshop – Photoshop Basics

 I still remember my first time trying to figure out how to use layer masks. I had just started learning about Photoshop and was so overwhelmed. I felt like there was SO much to learn, but had no idea where to even begin. Well I’m here to dissipate any confusion because once you’re done watching […]

How to Combine Photos in Photoshop – Watch Me Edit!

    Hey Friends,  This is a quick and easy video going over how to combine multiple images together within photoshop in order to create an expanded final image.   If you haven’t downloaded the freebie photoshop actions and lightroom presets I have available for download, just click the “freebie” tab above to get them! Holler […]

5 Photoshop Hacks – Part 2

In today’s video, I go over 5 easy Photoshop hacks! This is part 2. If you’d like to see more Photoshop hacks, check out part 1 – HERE. Note: Part 1 isn’t a prerequisite for part 2 as the tips are totally different & independent. In this video, I cover how to…  Create a shallow depth […]

Add Whimsical Lighting to Your Photos in Photoshop

  Hey Guys! In this post I go over how to add airy lighting and a whimsical quality to your photos.  Personally, I love it when photos have a quirky or whimsical touch to them, while still not being “over the top.” In other words, I want the photo to be ethereal without looking like […]

5 Awesome Photoshop Hacks You Need to Know!

Hey Guys! In today’s video, I go over 5 simple & fun Photoshop hacks! I cover how to… Add dynamic color to a washed out photo by merging it with another photo OR painting that contains a color palette you love Easily add airy lighting to any photo Add depth and drama to eyes Add […]

Add Stars in Photoshop + 2 Starry Night Overlays

Before I get on with this post, I’m going to casually drop THIS GEM for you here because: It’s appropriate considering this post’s content I’m the biggest Coldplay fan Their music basically makes me feel every range of emotion humanly possible and sometimes I just want to share it with people But on to the main […]

DIY Wall Art Print Tutorial in Photoshop

Lately, I’ve been in need of a creative boost. It’s one of those phases where I’m not feeling inspired and questioning life choices a little bit more than usual.  When these feelings creep up on me, I try not to worry…knowing that it’s most likely a phase and will probably dissipate soon enough. But if […]