Lightroom Trick to Add Soft Light

Typically, I add lighting effects to my images in Photoshop. However, I recently found a much quicker and easier way to do this within Lightroom! To see how I add some dynamic, natural looking light to my images, while drawing more attention to my subjects, watch the video below!  It consists of using the handy […]

How I Get Airy, Pastel Film Images

Airy photos with soft, pastel colors. It’s easy to achieve this look when you’re shooting on film, but what if you prefer to shoot digital? What then?  I have good news. You CAN shoot in digital and STILL create airy photos.  How so? First things first… 1. Take note of your backdrops and colors  Creating images […]

Edit Wedding Photos in Lightroom to Look Airy with Soft Tones

Here’s the thing, when it comes to editing wedding photos, Lightroom is the way to go. P.S. This is video 6 and the final video in the Mastering Lightroom Series. If you haven’t seen videos 1-5, I’ll include them below! 🙂 Those serve as a basis for this video. If you’re new to Lightroom, I […]

My Secret Weapon for Awesome Scenic Shots

This is Part 5 in the “Mastering Lightroom” series. In this video, I go over my secret weapon for editing my scenic shots – THE GRADUATED FILTER, also known as the gradient filter. This tool is seriously underrated considering what it’s capable of. Personally, I love using it to add lots of fun color to my photos. […]

Mastering Lightroom Part 4

Hi Friends! This is Part 4 in the “Mastering Lightroom” series. In this video, I cover everything you need to know about Lightroom’s CLONE and HEAL tools. -What’s the difference between them? -How to quickly use them to remove things from your photos. NOTE: If you missed videos 1, 2, or 3, please make sure to watch […]

Mastering Lightroom – Part 3

Hi Friends! This is Part 3 in the “Mastering Lightroom” series. In this video, I cover everything you need to know about Lightroom PRESETS.  -How to create them -How to customize them to best suit your needs -How to use them to batch edit and save time If you missed video 1 & 2, please […]

Mastering Lightroom – Part 2

This is part 2 in the Lightroom series. In this video, I cover how to color edit a photo using the “Develop” module. I specifically go over how to use the curves tool, change colors using the hue, saturation, and luminance tools, how to sharpen, add grain, and more. If you missed video 1, make […]

Everything You Need to Know About Lightroom – 1

Hey Guys!   Lately, I’ve been using Lightroom to do about 90% of my editing. I find that it saves me TONS of time and It’s just so user friendly. With that said, I’m sharing all the ins and outs of Lightroom in this video series, including how I personally use it, my favorite features, […]

Edit Your Wedding Photos in Lightroom -Tutorial

I love Lightroom mainly because it saves me tons of time. In the tutorial below, I go over how I personally edit my weddings in Lightroom. Here’s a breakdown of my process and what I’ll be covering in the video. 99% of the time I apply a preset onto one of the images and then […]

Create Antique Black and White Edits in Lightroom

This week I have part lll of the Lightroom tutorial series “Stylized Edits.” In this video/post, I’ll be covering how to create black and white edits with an beautiful antique style! I love this look because I feel like it can add a romantic and sentimental touch to any image. Watch the tutorial here:   […]