Photoshop Editing Tutorial – Watch me edit!

In last week’s video, I went over how to combine multiple images in Photoshop to create a composite photo (image below). This week, I’m covering how I color edited the image from start to finish. I really wanted to make the sunset standout, so I used quite a few hue/saturation layers with layer masks to […]

How to Composite Photos in Photoshop – Part 1

In this tutorial, I’m covering how to composite photos in Photoshop. A composite photo is one photo created out of multiple images that are combined and blended together in Photoshop. The idea is to create an illusion – an image that looks like it was real and existed. Composites can be tricky, mainly because of […]

5 Reasons to Use Prime Lenses

In my opinion, the best lenses for portraits are without a doubt, prime lenses. If you’d like to look at my personal portrait lens recommendations, I wrote an article on what I use and LOVE. It can be found HERE. I saw a huge difference in the quality of my photographs once I switched over […]

Shoot in Manual Mode – Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO explained!

Here is a video I created covering everything you need to know about shooting in manual mode. If you prefer written format, I’ve covered everything below as well!   When it comes to shooting in manual mode, there are 3 things one needs to know about.  Aperture Shutter Speed ISO Shooting in manual mode is […]

How to be PERCEIVED as Confident – Part 2

This is Part 2 in the CONFIDENCE series. In Part 1 (view HERE),  I wen’t over tips on how to adapt a confident mindset. In this video I go cover tips on what we can do to be PERCEIVED as confident by others. Think of video #1 as the internal work and this one as […]

How to BE and FEEL Confident – Part 1

I think confidence is the most attractive thing a person can wear, but what exactly can we do to be more confident? A lot of things actually. Confidence isn’t as elusive as it appears. It’s meant for everyone. Because really, at the end of the day…having confidence is all about having the courage to love and […]

Lightroom Trick to Add Soft Light

Typically, I add lighting effects to my images in Photoshop. However, I recently found a much quicker and easier way to do this within Lightroom! To see how I add some dynamic, natural looking light to my images, while drawing more attention to my subjects, watch the video below!  It consists of using the handy […]

How I Get Airy, Pastel Film Images

Airy photos with soft, pastel colors. It’s easy to achieve this look when you’re shooting on film, but what if you prefer to shoot digital? What then?  I have good news. You CAN shoot in digital and STILL create airy photos.  How so? First things first… 1. Take note of your backdrops and colors  Creating images […]

Edit Wedding Photos in Lightroom to Look Airy with Soft Tones

Here’s the thing, when it comes to editing wedding photos, Lightroom is the way to go. P.S. This is video 6 and the final video in the Mastering Lightroom Series. If you haven’t seen videos 1-5, I’ll include them below! 🙂 Those serve as a basis for this video. If you’re new to Lightroom, I […]

What’s in my Wedding Photography Bag?

Here is everything I take with me on a wedding day!     If you prefer video format, I’ve included a video version of everything below!    EQUIPMENT LIST: 2 camera bodies: Canon 5D mark ll and the Canon 70d – I like to pair each with a different lens to create more variety Canon 85 […]