Hey Guys!

In this post I go over how to add airy lighting and a whimsical quality to your photos. 

Personally, I love it when photos have a quirky or whimsical touch to them, while still not being “over the top.”

In other words, I want the photo to be ethereal without looking like it’s been toyed around a lot in Photoshop. 

In this video, I cover how to do just that! 

(The photo used as the example for this tutorial is courtesy of Stephanie Sunderland Photography. She’s awesome! Check out her work if you get a chance!)



Here is the photo completely unedited



Here is the photo with a preset played from the Pretty Pastel Collection in Lightroom! 

Here is the photo with the freebie lighting overlay applied from the Romantic Lighting Collection.

I also went ahead and did a few other steps (showcased in the video below) to help give it that magical/playful look. 

Below is the video that covers all the steps! 

For the freebie lighting overlay, click below!

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