In today’s video, I go over 5 easy Photoshop hacks!

This is part 2. If you’d like to see more Photoshop hacks, check out part 1 – HERE. Note: Part 1 isn’t a prerequisite for part 2 as the tips are totally different & independent.

In this video, I cover how to…

  1.  Create a shallow depth of field while including tons of detail using the BRENIZER method
  2. Create negative space or desaturated white skies 
  3. Use clipping masks/templates to diversify the way you showcase photos on your blog (I’m also including a few templates for free download below)
  4. Get minty greens in your photos (reminiscent of film photography)
  5. Add bokeh using blurry photos that are typically considered to be “unusable” 

Bonus: Create a sunflare in Photoshop


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